The microStar is Landauers portable OSL dosimeter reader. The microStar provides fast and accurate dose assessments using single point dosimeters, nanoDots. The microStar can also be used to read the full complement of inLight dosimeters used for whole body and environmental dosimetry.


Nuetral Pouch

The microStarii is Landauer Inc's brand new nanoDot reader, specifically designed to cater for hospitals and radiotherapy departments. The new microStarii is accompanied with an all new microStar software package, with added functionality and a new user friendly design. The new software comes pre installed on the included all-in-one desktop control PC. For more information please click the link to download the microStarii information booklet.

A200 and A500


The A200 and A500 inLight readers are part of Landauers “on site” dosimetry eco system specifically designed to read inLight dosimeters, whole body and environmental. Both readers are automatic and capable of reading 200 and 500 inLight badges respectively.